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285 Broad St.
Hartford, CT 06115


Phone Numbers

Main Number: 860-527-6161
Newsroom: 860-727-0082
Contests: 860-723-2012
Advertising Inquiries: 860-723-2127 or 860-723-2190 or 860-723-2176 or CLICK HERE
Press Releases, News Tips:



Find job openings and internships. WTIC-TV is an Equal Opportunity Employer. WCCT-TV FCC EEO Public File Reports

Job Vacancies and Local Referring Agencies: WCCT-TV, an equal opportunity employer, is dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job vacancies, and we seek the help of local organizations in referring qualified applicants. Organizations that wish to receive information about vacancies at the station should contact the Human Resources Director. Interested candidates should refer to the job openings and internships page.


Closed Captioning Hotline

Mr. Dean Maluski
Director of Engineering
285 Broad St.
Hartford CT, 06115
Phone: (860) 723-2111
Fax: (860) 723-2111

We will try to respond to you within 1-2 business days.


Viewers can purchase a DVD dub of a Fox CT news story by sending a written request to:

Dub Request
285 Broad St.
Hartford, CT 06115

* We will only provide video that has been broadcast or webcast to the public.
* In your letter, indicate the date the story aired and a title of the story.
* Include a check for $50 dollars made out to: WTIC-TV
* Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
* Remember dub requests are “requests.” We reserve the right to refuse a request.
* Any requests for video related to legal proceedings must be submitted on law firm letterhead with a brief summary of circumstances. WTIC-TV reserves the right to require a subpoena should this issue proceed to adjudication. Furthermore, WTIC-TV reserves the right to object to any subpoena for any legal reason.

Video is provided with the understanding that it will not be uploaded to the web on a video sharing service, emailed or otherwise distributed.

If it is uploaded without our express permission to YouTube or a similar service, we will issue a take down notice, as we own the copyright.

If you want a link to the story, or want to embed the video in a website, we can provide you the information to do so.


Promo Voice 

Peter Drew – Voiceovers for all electronic media. Versatile. Believable. Directable. Peter Drew brings your script to life … And he’s an experienced voice over talent providing voiceovers worldwide via ISDN and the Internet. Check out some voiceover demos here.

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